Farm Dogs

English Shepherd "Farm Collies"

English Shepherds are a breed of farm dog developed in the United States from herding breeds in England and Scotland. They are incredibly versatile dogs that excel in herding and livestock guarding on the farm as well as hunting and agility.  They are very people oriented and want to be working at their person's side.  When not working, they are happiest to be resting at their person's feet.

We have two working English Shepherds on our farm.  Adelaide "Addie" is a Seal and White ES who loves to move sheep and put them where they belong.  She is a great help when sheep need to be caught to be worked with and will stay on her sheep until it is separated from the flock and cornered.

Dusty is a Sable and White ES puppy who is already excelling at moving sheep, and does a great job slowly moving around the herd to move it where it needs to go.

Maremma Sheepdog

Maremma Sheepdogs are a breed of Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD) that comes from the mountains of Italy.  They live 24/7 with the livestock and protect them from predators.  Maremmas are more people friendly than some other LGD breeds, making them an excellent choice for a small family farm.

We currently have one Maremma on our farm.  Jack is an excellent guard and often helps the other dogs herd the sheep back into the paddocks after grazing.  He is gentle with children, lambs and sheep and just loves people, as long as he knows they belong there.